New Tango Dance Music Competition

Now Open for Submissions

Grand prize: $700

Rules: Tango must be original compositions and arrangements of previously unreleased material.  Artists may submit up to 2 tracks.  Alex will choose a total of 12 tracks maximum based on entries to be judged.  There will be one winner, with a cash prize of US$700.  Deadline for submissions is April 6th.

Guidelines: Entrants must submit an mp3 of their original work to

Judging:  Entries will be judged based on the following categories:

1. Danceability - more than 100 participants of Alex's event, The Thing, on April 21st will rate each song based on how tango-danceable the work is.   This variable will be the most heavily calculated and is completely subjective according to the dancers' taste.

2. Creativity/Innovation - Alex will rate this category based on his subjective opinion/taste.

3. Lineage to tango music - Morgan Luker, a professor of music at Reed College with a PhD in contemporary trends in tango music, will rate each work based on its connection to the tango genre. This is a subjective vote.


***Recording quality will have little effect the decision making***  The competition is about new tango works, not about production quality per se.


Selected entries will be added to a compilation cd/digital download.  Each artist that submits a track will receive royalties for 2 years based on sales.  Royalties are a split of %50 of the the gross income from physical album sales.  Digital royalites are split evenly between artists of %100 of digital sales.  Artists may opt to not be included in the compilation.  Tango Berretin will not own exclusive rights to the track(s).


For more information contact Alex: