What is Argentine Tango?

Argentine Tango is a partnered social dance from Buenos Aires, Argentina. It is different from the ballroom tango in its posture, movements and intention -- in Argentine Tango there is no standard way of dancing -- emphasis is on improvisation and each dancer carries within themselves a particular way of dancing it. There rarely are competitions. Argentine Tango gives a person a chance to express themselves uniquely, and encourages creativity with the music.

For those who have never danced Argentine Tango, it offers a chance for physical exercise, the social aspect of belonging to a community, and the emotional/spiritual aspect of moving with someone to music.

Who can I learn from?

One of the best ways to learn this dance quickly is a combination of classes (either group or private) coupled with social dancing at the practicas/milongas.  Alex Krebs teaches a beginning drop-in lesson from 8-9pm every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month at Tango Berretin (6305 SE Foster Rd.)

In Portland all the instructors and venues for learning and dancing Argentine Tango can be found at: portlandtango.com You can contact instructors directly by e-mail or phone to see if they have any group classes running or if they give private lessons.   Alex Krebs teaches private and group classes at his studio, "Tango Berretin", and his group classes can be found by clicking "Tango Classes" on the top of this page.   For private lessons, click here: Schedule online now

I would also recommend buying Argentine Tango music from www.tangostore.com, or through iTunes or Amazon.com  If you don't own any music yet you might want to search on that site for CD's by the following tango orchestras: D'Arienzo, DiSarli, Pugliese, Laurenz, Troilo...There are many orchestras, eventually you will want to get to know others as well.

Dance shoes can be purchased locally at The Leotard or The Glass Slipper.  Mention you dance at Tango Berretin with Alex Krebs and each place will give you a discount.

Tango instructional apps for iPhone/Android and DVD's can be purchased here: http://www.tangoberretin.com/theapp/