Alex Krebs teaches on Tuesday nights at Tango Berretín.  He starts with beginners every year in January from 6:30-7:30pm and takes them through a one-year syllabus through 4-week series classes (there's no obligation to sign-up/take classes for one year).  After studying for a year dancers will be proficient in their technique, comfortable, musical, and will enjoy dancing at the milongas.  A second course on Tuesday nights from 7:45-8:45pm that also runs for one year (again through 4-week series classes) is available for further study into more complex material.
Beginning/Intermediate 4-week series

4-week series starts Tuesday, October 8th, 2019
  This series is intended for those that have several months of lessons already in Argentine Tango. In this series Alex will reinforce good, comfortable technique as well cover vocabulary that fits the social dancefloor.
6:30-7:30pm, for 4 weeks
Cost: $45/person. Drop-ins welcome at $15/class/person
*no partner or pre-registration is required. Please show up 15-30 minutes early the first day of class to register.
6305 SE Foster Rd.
For more info contact Alex:

Intermediate 4-week Series with Alex Krebs

This series is intended for those that have been dancing Argentine Tango for at least one year or more.  In this series Alex will continue to work on detailed technique, musicality and connection through vocabulary for the social dancefloor.  
When: Tuesdays, for 4 weeks starting October 8th, 2019, 7:45-8:45pm. 
Cost: $45/person/series.   Drop-ins welcome at $15/class.
*No partner or pre-registration required
***A practica runs after this class from 9-9:45pm
Classes are held at Tango Berretín, 6305 SE Foster Rd.
Contact Alex Krebs for more information:

 Alex Krebs, the owner of Tango Berretin studio, teaches private lessons  for $80/hr. (for one person or a couple) Mondays and Tuesdays between 11am-2pm and Fridays between 11am-2pm.  If those times don't work for you, you can e-mail Alex:

Alex is happy to work with dancers of any level.

Book a private lesson with Alex: Online scheduling

$80/hr. (limited scholarships available)

If there is no time that works for you through the online system, please e-mail Alex Krebs:



Instructional Tango Apps with Alex Krebs, volumes 1-7 (Beginners-Advanced, Technique, Musicality, Milonga) now available!

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