Pablo Inza & Sofia Saborido  
Portland Tango Weekend
May 31st – June 3rd , 2019

Hosted by Alex Krebs & Rachel Lidskog-Lim

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Friday, May 31st @ Dance with Joy Studios
8051 SE 16th Avenue, Portland, OR 97202

All levels workshop 
7:30-9:00pm Workshop #1 Milonga! Add some groove to the
move. Get some rhythmic practice and give flavor to your milonga.

Saturday, June 1st @ Tango Berretin
6305 SE Foster, Portland OR 97206

All levels workshop
1:00-2:30pm Workshop #2: Useful Ideas for the dance floor.
Work on some cool moves while keeping the navigation tidy 


Intermediate and above seminar

3:00-6:00pm Seminar #1: The spiral movement. Create a better lead/follow for any circular motion with upward and downward spirals. Secrets for a yummy embrace. Get more connected to upgrade the quality of the movement. Application in different situations.

Sunday June 2nd @ Dance with Joy Studios
8051 SE 16th Avenue, Portland, OR 97202

Intermediate and above workshop 
1:00-2:30pm Workshop #3: Lovely Vals! Understanding the rhythm to adapt our dynamics.

Intermediate and above seminar 
3:00-6:00pm Seminar #2: Playing with improvisation, challenging the rules and the roles. This is a class to explore improvisation through different exercises and inputs. Learn to approach the dance by creating situations “step by step”, including proposals from the follower to develop another layer in your dance.

Monday June 3rd @ Tango Berretin
6305 SE Foster, Portland OR 97206

Intermediate and above seminar 
6:30pm-9:30pm Seminar #3: The rhythmic universe. Possibilities playing with the rhythm. Working on short and sharp moves for those moments when the music gets more spicy.

Pricing for Workshops & Seminars:
1 workshop (1.5 hours) $30
2 workshops (3 hours) $60
3 workshops (4.5 hours) $80 (save $10) 
1 Seminar (3 hours) $60
2 Seminars (6 hours) $100 (save $20) 
3 Seminars (9 hours) $150 (save $30)
Best deal full weekend (13.5 hours of training) $175 (save $55)

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